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​​​​​​​​​Christian Covenant Church is Christ-centered, Spirit led, ​Bible focused,  and  Family-oriented. ​We are a fellowship where the love of God is extended to all; determined to meet the needs of the whole person:  spirit, soul, and body.

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Intercessory Prayer

You're invited to join us on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings for Intercessory Prayer.  We pray for our families, our community, the nation and the world.

Message Excerpts From Pastor Teresa

Please Save The Date for our 50th Year Church Anniversary.  We are soliciting help from everyone to make this event the best it can be. (Read More)

Sunday April 14, 2019

The Richness Of Our Heritage 

Everyone of us has a heritage. Heritage is something that belongs to one as a result of birth; it is something that is handed down from generation to generation (tangible or intangible) such as property, events, traditions, or symbols of honor, pride, courage, etc.  Heritage includes beliefs and lessons that a society considers important to its history and culture. If you search scripture, you will find that God’s Word speaks to the importance of heritage – both tangible and intangible.

This week Christians all over the world are celebrating events that are a part of the rich heritage we have as Christ’s followers including: “Palm Sunday”, Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem; “Good Friday”, the day that Jesus was crucified for the sins of mankind; and “Resurrection Day”, the day Jesus victoriously rose from the dead with all power and authority. All of these historical events are critical and central to our heritage as children of God. We often take them for granted because they are familiar to us. But included in each event are valuable lessons of perseverance, humility, selflessness, hardship and ultimately, triumph!...

Sisters in Covenant is a great opportunity for women of all ages to gather together and celebrate the blessing that women are to the Body of Christ.  (Read More)

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