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​​​​​​​​​Christian Covenant Church is Christ-centered, Spirit led, ​Bible focused,  and  Family-oriented. ​We are a fellowship where the love of God is extended to all; determined to meet the needs of the whole person:  spirit, soul, and body.

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Intercessory Prayer

You're invited to join us on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings for Intercessory Prayer.  We pray for our families, our community, the nation and the world.

Message Excerpts From Pastor Teresa

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Sunday March 17, 2019

Identity: Part III Responsibilities and Duties 

For the past two weeks, we’ve been talking about identity and how important it is for us to know who we are. Only when we truly know who we are, are we then able to be secure, unapologetic and confident without being arrogant. When we know who we are, we are in the best position to live out our destiny.

I’ve centered this series around the parable of the prodigal son. He had an identity he wanted to abandon. He tried to become someone else – someone he was never supposed to be. It wasn’t until he had an “aha!” moment that he realized he had lost his way. He had settled for a life that was actually beneath his potential. Much like him, many people who claim Christianity are living a life that is beneath their potential.

Instead of being the “influencer” in their circles, some have become the “influenced”. That is not what God desires for any of His children. We should be the ones leading people into God’s kingdom. When we fully understand and accept our role, that’s exactly what we will do.... 

Sisters in Covenant is a great opportunity for women of all ages to gather together and celebrate the blessing that women are to the Body of Christ.  (Read More)

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