Last week was truly a newsworthy week. I’m not talking about the G7 summit or the president’s preparation for the meeting with Kim Jong Un, but because two persons who have a significant celebrity took their lives last week. Situations like this should give us pause not because they were celebrities, but because they were people. And, many people that we never ever know or hear about take their own lives because they believe their situation is so dark and impossible that they’d rather not live.

When you’re discouraged or battling depression, it is a battle for your mind and you must fight. I’m not suggesting these two were too weak or unmotivated to fight. I simply believe they were outmatched for the fight they faced because they were fighting in their own strength and doing that in a dark place. Society looks to modern medicine help us in times emotional and mental distress…and they may help, but only God can heal, set-free and deliver you from such conditions.

The Bible relays many situations where God’s people experienced discouragement or maybe even depression, although we never see that word used in the Bible. Regardless, it was a fight and they had to fight their way through it. If you read any of the Psalms written by David, you can feel the anguish of his soul at times. He fought hard to overcome the darkness that tried to consume him. But through it all, God was with him and he made it to the other side in victory.

King Solomon, his son, expressed his dark view of life in the book of Ecclesiastes. By all accounts, he was a man who “had it all”. Wisest man in all the earth; richest man in all the earth; his fame exceeded the fame of any other king or kingdom in the earth. But after truly examining his life and all he had, he discovered that life and all its “stuff” was meaningless without God.

This world is a fallen world and no matter how great things seem, it can never truly satisfy the soul of a man. Without Jesus Christ in our lives, we look to worldly things to fill the void in our lives. But if your life is not rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, you will not have the foundation you need upon which to build a truly successful life, or get you through the truly tough times in your life. The Bible clearly lets us know in no uncertain terms that man’s wisdom apart from God is foolishness. [1 Cor. 3:18-19]

If you’re living in a state of discouragement and/or depression, it may seem like darkness is all around. But this is just an illusion. Darkness is simply the absence of light – there is no other definition for it. There is no scientific basis for darkness. The enemy would have you believe that there is so much darkness that it cannot be overcome.  But Jesus is the light of the world and if you have Him, there is light in you. Don’t focus on the darkness, look for the light – you simply need more light and that Light is Jesus Christ. Allow more of Him in your life and you will see that you can overcome and win the fight!