​​​About Us:
​​​​​​Christian Covenant Church is Christ-centered, Spirit led, ​Bible focused,  and  Family-oriented.  ​We are a fellowship where the love of God is extended to all; determined to meet the needs of the whole person:  spirit, soul, and body.

Our Vision:
Our Vision is to reconcile our community and the world to God through Jesus Christ according to His established order

Our Mission:
Equipping individuals to become fruitful citizens of the kingdom of God through Bible based-teaching, training, leadership and opportunities that enrich the total person: spirit, soul and body.

Our Core Principles: 
We obey and honor God and His Word above all.

We study the Word of God to be equipped and proficient for every good work.

We accept the responsibility to pray daily according to the Word of God.

We understand our duty to witness to those who do not know Jesus Christ.

We all accept responsibility to contribute to the work of the ministry at CCC.

We obey the mandates of God to regularly tithe and give offerings.

We believe praise and worship is an essential part of our daily life.

We respect our pastor and leadership of CCC.

We show mutual respect and love for each other.

We seek opportunities to enhance our church, neighborhood and community.

We recognize and praise the efforts and successes of all CCC 


What We Believe