Praise and worship are a part of God’s solution to get us back into His presence. I want to take a deeper look into what is praise. The simplest way to define praise is to define it as expressing approval; to give accolades; to express admiration of someone or something; to show gratitude. When we see the word “praise” in the Bible and research its origin in the Hebrew language, we find that there are at least 8 different expressions of the word “praise”. 

In essence, praise is demonstrated by commending, honoring, applauding, magnifying and glorifying etc. Given the diverse expressions of praise, we see that we tend to praise many people in our lives. But here’s the difference: no one else in your life has done or can do what God has done and can do for you. Therefore, there is a praise that only belongs to God.

Praise puts God in first place. It turns our eyes from ourselves to God. It focuses our thoughts on His majesty and power.  In the Bible, we are instructed to praise God …sometimes we are invited. The book of Psalm in particular is a book instructing and inviting us to praise God.  Psalm 150 tells us what to praise God for and how we are to praise Him. So understand this – praise is an act of your will. Therefore, it is not based on your feelings or emotions. You don’t have to feel great—or even good —to praise the Lord. Despite the things in your life that may seem to be wrong, your praise is a conscious choice and should flow naturally because you know that God is the answer to your problems. As long as He is in charge, He will work all things together for your good.

There will be times when praise doesn’t flow as naturally or effortlessly as it should. In those times, we must bring a sacrifice of praise. You’ll need to make a conscious choice to lay aside all that gets you down, distracts, causes you to fear or makes you to feel like giving up, and open your mouth and praise God. Your circumstances and feelings must be sacrificed on the altar of praise. Giving God your sacrifice of praise means that you choose to dwell on Him instead of on yourself, and that you are making room for Him to dwell in your life. So, don’t wait for things to go right before you start praising God.

Understand that your praise is not to be offered for what you can get from God. Praise is not something we use as a negotiating tool. We praise God because He is good; because He deserves it; and our praise truly belongs to Him.Type your paragraph here.