It’s Time Out For Excuses

Innate within the fallen nature of each human being is the propensity to make excuses. You don’t even have to put forth specific effort to make an excuse – it’s pretty much an involuntary response. We see it every day in our interactions with others: our family, our kids, our co-workers, our spouses, etc.

Think about Adam in the Garden of Eden. Instead of admitting he and Eve had been manipulated and deceived by the serpent, Adam immediately pointed to Eve as the reason he disobeyed God’s command not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. At the root of an excuse is failure to own up to the truth; or a sense of inadequacy; or a lack of motivation; or simply, fear….or a combination of all of these.

There is a scientific term used in physics called “inertia”.  This word points to the tendency for objects at rest to remain at rest, and for objects in uniform motion to continue in motion in a straight line, unless it is impacted by an outside force. In other words, it is the tendency to keep doing what you’re doing regardless of any progress you’re making. It’s like having a great idea you know will improve your life, but as you think about it more, you realize there will be obstacles. Many times it becomes so overwhelming that you put it off indefinitely or decide it is much better to not do anything at all. You’ve now found your excuse not to make the change that will improve your situation and maybe others.

Moses was called to be a deliverer of God’s people. After running from Egypt where he had killed an abusive Egyptian, God spoke to Moses 40 years later on the backside of the desert at Mt. Sinai. There God told Moses what his assignment was, as outlined in Exodus 3. If you take the time to read it, you will see that Moses gave one excuse after another about why he wasn’t the right person to carry out God’s assignment.

At the center of his resistance was a sense of inadequacy. That little voice in our mind starts to speak to us: “What you want me to do is crazy. It's impossible. I can't do it. I don’t have what it takes - it'll never work.” We start doubting, and before long, we’re entrenched by our negative thoughts which solidify our resistance.

Remember this: It is God who has called us and enabled us in Christ according to 2 Corinthians 1:21-22. He has anointed us, giving us the power of the Holy Spirit to effectually minister the Gospel. He has sealed us (a seal is a sign of ownership and validation) with His Holy Spirit. So, we don’t need to worry about who we are. It’s who He is in us that matters.

Like Moses, we may ask God to send someone else who we see as more qualified or equipped. But if God has called you to a specific task or ministry, He will equip you for that purpose, whether the task is grand or a small. The God who made us is able to use the gifts and abilities He's given us to accomplish the tasks He assigns to us.

It’s time out for excuses today. Let’s be about our Father’s business and do the things He has told us to do.