God Speaks to Us Through Pain

From the beginning of man’s existence, man has had some level of experience with pain. The sin of mankind opened the door to pain. In Genesis 3, pain was one aspect of punishment for both Adam and Eve’s sin. Specifically, for Eve it was painful labor during childbirth; and for Adam it would be painstaking toil in an effort to produce from the land.

Pain remains part of the human condition today, both physical and emotional. And as much as we despise the idea of pain, it can sometimes be a positive thing. Let me explain what I mean. In the human body the nervous system triggers a sensation of pain to stop you from doing something that might cause you severe injury; and it can also signal that something is wrong. Without pain we would repeatedly reinjure ourselves in the same ways. Without pain we would simply maintain the status quo. Without pain we would ignore or be unaware of problems that can kill us.

There are people who are born without the ability to feel pain. Unfortunately, these people often suffer terrible injuries because it's hard for them to tell when they are in a dangerous predicament. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. Pain is a “language” that can’t be ignored. You can ignore many things in your life, but you can’t ignore pain.

God often speaks to us through our pain. Pain can be our teacher; it can also be our counselor; or a life coach. It breaks down false beliefs and filters false motives. Pain reveals where we need to heal and where we need to grow. It can refocus our priorities like nothing else. And, it might just be part of God’s sanctification process in our lives.

So, what do we do when God is speaking to us through pain?

First, let’s not pretend that pain isn’t a reality. It’s okay to not be okay. Your admission of pain does not mean you don’t have faith. Admission is the first step in the healing process.

Second, we need to confess the Word of God over our situation. This increases our faith. In order for our faith to grow, we’re going to have to weather some storms – that’s the way we will gain strength and endurance. We have to learn to trust God’s heart, who cares immensely for us, even when we can’t see Him moving in our situation. God will not always move the obstacle out of our way, sometimes the obstacle is the way through.

Third, often God will use us in areas where we’ve had the most pain/suffering to encourage others. Our weakness is actually our strength because that’s where God’s power is made perfect.

Our spiritual journeys are anything but linear. They are full of zigs and zags, ups and downs. And it’s often that we take two steps forward and one step back. But know this: even in the midst of pain, God is with us.