Don’t Miss Jesus This Christmas

It’s the Christmas season and signs of it are everywhere. While the world is going crazy over their concept of Christmas, I want to take a moment to remind us about ours. An angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds in a field on the night Jesus was born and this was the message.

Luke 2: 10-11 AMP

…“I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11 The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!

It’s as plain and simple as that.  The true meaning of Christmas is that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, was born. The Jewish people were supposedly looking for and awaiting His arrival, but when He came, they did not recognize Him…even though His birth and the circumstances surrounding His birth pointed to the prophecies they expected to be fulfilled. So, what happened?

Between the events of the Old Testament scripture and the New Testament there is what is widely known as the 400 years of silence – no new revelation from God. While there were no inspired words written that made its way into either of the testaments, prophecies were being fulfilled. It seems those years blinded and deafened the Jewish nation to the point where they lost their identity. Perhaps that made the idea of a coming savior more obscure.

But He did come. So, how did they miss Him? There are several possibilities. They could have missed Him because they were too busy; preoccupied with “life”.  The census spoken about in Luke 2 brought many people back to their hometown to be taxed. I imagine multitudes of people focused on adhering to King Herod’s decree, being unaware of the miracle happening right around them.

Maybe they missed Jesus because they had simply stopped looking for Him. 400 years is a long time and passion can wane fast. If we liken that to our own situations of promise, we will admit that often our faith has failed, and failed fast.

The Jews may have missed Jesus simply because they had given up the hope of a better life. Their history was rife with bondage/captivity. There is a weariness in doing the same thing and expecting a different result….I believe that is called insanity☺ Hopelessness can be passed down from generation to generation, and in this case, it may have been.

Even as an adult, they still missed Jesus because they thought they knew Him. He had grown up among the Jews and they were familiar with the “carpenter’s son”. So much so, that they minimized His value. To them He was no different than they were.  As I studied, I found this quote: “Over-familiarity strangles conviction”. This couldn’t be more true than it was for these Jews.

During this Christmas season, if we’re not careful, we’ll miss Jesus for the same reasons: we’re too busy; we’ve stopped looking for Him; we’ve lost hope; or our view of Him has become obscured and we see Him as common. Don’t fall into any of these traps!

Remember this: our Christmas season is about a Savior who came to earth to provide us a way to be reconciled with God, our Father; it’s about a Teacher who would teach us how to live our best life; it’s about a Conqueror who would show us how to be victorious in overcoming temptation, sin and the constant traps that are set for us by our enemy; and it is about a humble man who showed us how to love others more than ourselves.

Because of Jesus we have so much! Put Him at the center of all you do so you don’t miss Jesus this Christmas.