Armed To Impact - January 7, 2018

Our theme for this year is “Armed to Impact. What does “Armed to Impact” mean? Are we talking about physical weapons or even spiritual weapons? Well, as believers we understand that we need the whole armor of God because we are constantly at war with our enemy. However, that’s not the intent of our theme.  When we research the word “impact”, it is best defined as “the power of an event, idea, etc. to produce change.”

Our theme is linked to Daniel 11, which is a chapter of prophecy about what would befall the Israelite people in the latter times. Daniel references the succession of kings and kingdoms that would rise and fall. But verse 32 stands out as it foretells about a specific ruler who would profane the Jewish temple and desecrate the altar, which would bring great distress to the Jews. This ruler’s intent was to do all he could to ensure the Jews would forsake God’s covenant and ultimately, God Himself.  But the second half of that verse reads, “but the people who know their God will be strong and do exploits” – they will take action.  In the midst of a world they would no longer recognize or even fully appreciate, they could still make an impact.

That tenet is the same for us today. The world around us is ever changing. And, although our current landscape seems unfamiliar and, although there may be undesirable (even dangerous) personalities in positions of authority throughout our cities, states and nation, Christians can still impact the world around them for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. And, we will do that by being armed, not in the traditional manner, but with God’s love, knowledge of His Word, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

So, let’s do what we can to impact our world. Remember, that the people that know their God shall be strong and take action.